Hydrogel Dressing

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Size: 10cm x 20cm

Our Hydrogel Wound Dressing is a semi-transparent, flexible gel that absorbs minimal fluid while donating moisture to dry wounds. This dressing accelerates epithelization, reduces pain, and provides hydration, making it ideal for dry or minimally exuding wounds. It is highly conformable and permeable to air and moisture vapour, promoting granulation and cooling the wound bed.

Indications: Pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, post-surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, donor sites, first and second-degree burns.

Sizes Available: 5x5 cm, 10x10 cm, 4.5x6.5 cm (with border), 7.5x10 cm (with border).

Quantity: 10 dressings per box.

Premium Hydrogel Wound Dressing by Dynamed Pharmaceuticals

Introduction to Hydrogel Wound Dressing

Hydrogel wound dressings are a crucial component in modern wound care, offering a flexible solution for managing dry or minimally exuding wounds. Dynamed Pharmaceuticals provides top-tier hydrogel dressings designed to enhance healing, reduce pain, and ensure patient comfort.

Benefits of Hydrogel Wound Dressing

Our hydrogel wound dressings offer multiple benefits:

  • Moisture Donation: Provides hydration to dry wounds, promoting a moist environment essential for healing.
  • Pain Relief: Soothes and cools the wound, reducing pain and discomfort.
  • Conformability: Highly flexible, easily conforming to various wound shapes and sizes.
  • Barrier Protection: Permeable to air and moisture vapour, protecting the wound while allowing it to breathe.

Key Features

Product Performance

Hydrogel dressings from Dynamed are semi-transparent, flexible gels capable of absorbing minimal fluid. They donate moisture to dry wounds, accelerating epithelization and easing pain. Ideal for local application, these dressings maintain a moist wound healing environment, which is crucial for granulation and reducing the temperature of the wound bed.


Hydrogel wound dressings are suitable for:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Venous ulcers of the lower extremities
  • Post-surgical wounds
  • Traumatic wounds and abrasions
  • Donor sites
  • First and second-degree burns

How to Use Hydrogel Wound Dressing

  1. Clean the Wound: Gently clean the wound and surrounding area with sterile water or saline solution, and dry the skin.
  2. Apply the Dressing: Fit the dressing to the wound, ensuring it overlaps the edges by at least 2 cm.
  3. Remove with Care: If the dressing is difficult to remove, irrigate with sterile physiological solution to ease the process.


  • Sizes Available:
  • 5x5 cm
  • 10x10 cm
  • 4.5x6.5 cm (with border)
  • 7.5x10 cm (with border)
  • Quantity: 10 dressings per box

Why Choose Dynamed?

At Dynamed, we are dedicated to producing high-quality wound care products. Founded by Vinesh Maharaj in 2000, we have become South Africa’s leading manufacturer of wound care solutions. Our cutting-edge facility in Durban ensures each product meets the highest safety and efficacy standards.

Commitment to Quality

We prioritise exceptional quality in all our products. Our hydrogel wound dressings undergo rigorous testing to ensure they deliver optimal healing outcomes. Trust in Dynamed for reliable and innovative wound care solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We aim to exceed the expectations of healthcare professionals and patients alike. Our hydrogel wound dressings are trusted across hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities in South Africa and the SADC region.

Innovative and Reliable

Innovation drives our mission at Dynamed. Our research and development team continuously works to bring you the latest advancements in wound care. We are committed to providing products that incorporate the newest medical technologies.


Effective wound care is essential for recovery and overall health. Dynamed’s hydrogel wound dressings offer a reliable solution for managing various wound types. By maintaining a moist environment and providing a barrier against bacteria, our dressings promote faster and more effective healing.

Explore our hydrogel wound dressings and discover the difference quality wound care can make. Trust Dynamed Pharmaceuticals for all your advanced wound care needs.