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About Us

Dynamed, founded by Vinesh Maharaj in 2000, is South Africa's premier manufacturer of basic wound care products, medical devices, consumables, and pharmaceuticals. We are dedicated to delivering quality healthcare solutions with a strong commitment to customer service. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Durban produces high-quality, tailored medical devices, underlining our commitment to safety and excellence. We offer a comprehensive range of products to the public and private sectors, spanning wound care and single-use solutions in respiratory care, gastroenterology, gynaecology, pharmacology, and urology.

Dynamed specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing essential medical devices. In 2020, we introduced our flagship Dynadress brand, featuring Transparent Adhesive Dressings, Transparent IV Fixation Dressings, and Transparent Island Dressings, now widely adopted in South Africa and the SADC region. Our ISO 8 cleanroom and versatile facilities are available for third-party collaborations. At Dynamed, we epitomize youth-driven, family-oriented values. With an unwavering focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we are Africa's fastest-growing wound care manufacturer, redefining healthcare standards.

Our Vision

At Dynamed, our vision is to surpass the aspirations of our esteemed customers, partners, and team members. We aspire to become Africa's leading and most prominent medical device and wound care manufacturer by meticulously streamlining our processes  and elevating patient well-being. We are determined to set the standard in the medical device industry, redefining excellence in wound care.

Our Mission

At Dynamed, our mission is crystal clear: we lead Africa's medical device and wound care industry with unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and service that knows no equal. We pride ourselves on an unyielding dedication to safety and quality, which serves as the very foundation of our operations. We meticulously source premium materials and harness state-of-the-art processes to ensure we consistently raise the bar for excellence. Driven by our resolute vision of becoming Africa's foremost wound care manufacturer, we are revolutionizing the industry. Our goal is to equip healthcare professionals with the finest tools for patient care, redefining the standards of quality in the process. This mission is not just our journey; it's a promise of better healthcare for all.

Products & Services

At Dynamed Pharmaceuticals, we are dedicated to providing top-quality medical solutions to meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers across Africa. Our extensive range of products and services is designed with safety, innovation, and patient comfort in mind.

Cutting-Edge Products

Dynamed proudly offers a formidable arsenal of cutting-edge medical products and equipment. From our superior wound care solutions to gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynaecology, pharmacology, respiratory care, and urological care, we've got the tools that empower healthcare institutions to shine. Hospitals, clinics, third-party wholesalers, and healthcare facilities of all kinds rely on our top-quality offerings to ensure patient well-being.

Pharmaceutical Excellence

Our commitment to healthcare excellence extends to our pharmaceutical wholesale pharmacy. We distribute critical medicines to retail pharmacies and dispensing doctors, fortifying the supply chain of essential pharmaceuticals. At Dynamed, we are not just providers; we are enablers of better healthcare access.

Empowering Services

Dynamed goes the extra mile to provide a suite of services designed to catapult our partners to the forefront of healthcare:

  • Detailed Product Training and Presentations: We believe in equipping our partners with the knowledge they need to excel. Our comprehensive product training and presentations ensure that you are at the forefront of the latest healthcare advancements.
  • Stock Management and Consignment Stock: Your inventory management becomes a breeze with our stock management solutions. Say goodbye to stock-related headaches as we optimize your inventory with precision.
  • Customer Feedback via Repwise Systems: We value your input. Our Repwise Systems facilitate direct communication, ensuring that your feedback is heard and acted upon swiftly. Your voice shapes our path forward.
  • Dedicated Product Managers: Expertise matters. Our dedicated product managers, segmented by product categories, are here to provide you with in-depth knowledge and insights, helping you make informed decisions for the best patient care.
Service Centers Across Major Cities

Our presence is felt where it matters most. With service centers in South Africa's three major cities - Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban - we bring our commitment to excellence closer to you. Fast, reliable service is just around the corner.


Comprehensive Solutions

We offer a wide range of products including wound care, respiratory care, and urology. Our products are designed to meet the needs of both the public and private sectors.


Our Exclusive Brands

Our Certifications

At Dynamed Pharmaceuticals, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the numerous certifications and board approvals we have earned over the years. These accolades demonstrate our adherence to the highest industry standards and our dedication to providing safe, effective, and reliable medical solutions. Explore our certifications to see why we are a trusted leader in wound care and medical device manufacturing.

Manufacturing License
Wholesale Pharmacy License
ISO13485 Certificate
Pharmaceutical Wholesale License
Certificate of Recording a Pharmacy
Registration as a Responsible Pharmacist
Certificate of Recording of a Pharmacy Owner
A-Grade Pharmacy Grading Certificate

Our Customers

At Dynamed, our reach is as vast as our commitment to excellence. We serve a diverse range of customers, catering to their unique healthcare needs.


We equip hospitals with state-of-the-art medical products and equipment, ensuring the best care for patients.


Our offerings extend to clinics, enabling them to deliver top-notch healthcare services.

Academic Institutions

We support academic institutions in their quest for education and research by providing essential healthcare tools.

Hospital Groups

Larger healthcare networks and groups rely on Dynamed for comprehensive solutions.

Healthcare Institutions

Our commitment extends to healthcare institutions, bolstering their ability to provide superior care.

SAHPRA Accredited Medical Device Wholesalers

We partner with SAHPRA accredited medical device wholesalers, ensuring that certified products reach the market.


Pharmacies trust us to deliver vital pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to their shelves.

Private Nursing Practitioners

We empower private nursing practitioners to offer top-tier care with our products and services.


Individual doctors benefit from our comprehensive range of medical tools and equipment.

Expansive Geographic Reach

Our impact knows no borders. Dynamed's services extend across a wide geographicreach, encompassing:

  • All Provinces in South Africa: From Cape Town to Pretoria, we serve healthcare professionals and institutions in every corner of South Africa.
  • Zimbabwe: Our influence crosses the border into Zimbabwe, providing healthcare solutions to our northern neighbours.
  • Namibia: We are present in Namibia, helping healthcare providers deliver quality care to their communities.
  • Mauritius: Our reach extends to the picturesque island of Mauritius, ensuring that healthcare standards remain high.
  • Swaziland: In the heart of Swaziland, we stand as a pillar of support for healthcare professionals.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At Dynamed, we believe that corporate social responsibility is not just an obligation; it's a privilege. We are committed to making a positive impact in our community through various initiatives.

1. Internal CSR – Upskilling: We invest in the growth and development of our own by providing opportunities for upskilling, particularly for our ocer and associate-level staff. By empowering our team members, we strengthen our organization from within, fostering an environment of continuous learning and advancement.

2. Bursaries and Scholarships: We are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. Dynamed offers bursaries and scholarships to learners entering tertiary institutions, ensuring that bright young minds have access to education and the opportunity to make a difference in the medical field.

3. Supporting Nonprofits: We recognize the invaluable work done by nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and public benefit organizations (PBOs). Throughout the year, we commit up to 2% of our annual turnover to support these organizations, contributing to initiatives that address critical societal needs.Healthcare Promotions: We take our commitment beyond the boardroom and into underprivileged and rural areas. Dynamed actively engages in healthcare promotions in these areas, making quality healthcare accessible and spreading awareness about health and well-being. Our goal is to bridge the healthcare gap and create healthier, empowered communities.