Welcome to the Dynamed Pharmaceuticals FAQ section. Here, we address common questions about our products, services, and company policies to provide you with clear and helpful information. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, distributor, or patient, we’re here to help you understand how our solutions can meet your

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell directly to the public?

We do sell directly to the public. However, these are limited to products that are safe for consumer use. Products that require professional use by a registered healthcare professional will only be sold to healthcare professionals directly or to vendors in possession of a valid SAHPRA Medical Device Establishment license.

What payment methods do you accept?

All customers are requested to pay on a cash on delivery (COD) basis via EFT, Cash or with a “Scan to Pay” option available at Dynamed offices. Goods will only be released upon clearance of the funds into the company bank account. After 3 months of regular sales, a customer may apply for a 30 day account.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Once an order has been confirmed and the money has reflected in the company account, the goods will be ready for pick up within 2 hours. For emergency and urgent orders, goods will be ready immediately (with prior arrangement).

Where do you ship / deliver to?

We deliver our products internationally. All prices are quoted EXW Durban and delivery is added at any additional charge.

I'm in Durban, can I collect my order from you?

Yes, you may collect an order from our Head Office in Glen Anil, Durban

There's a problem with my order, can I return for a refund?

Should there be a supplier or product issue, Dynamed will attempt to first replace the goods with compliant products. Failing which, Dynamed will provide a full refund.

For returns not due to supplier issues or products recalls, a handling fee of 10% of the value of the invoice will be charged to the customer and MUST be returned within 7 days of delivery. The refund will be processed within 7 days of the return.

Can I place my order pharmaceuticals online?

For pharmaceutical orders, you must be in possession of a SAHPRA Retail pharmacy license or a dispensing doctors license or be a licensed healthcare facility. To place pharmaceutical orders for any products, please contact sales@dynamed.co.za and/or pharmacy@dynamed.co.za and a consultant will be able to assist.

Where are you located?

Our head office is located at Northfield Business Park. Gate 2. 90 Old North Coast Road, Glen Anil, 4051.

Our ethylene oxide sterilization plant is located in Cordova Business Park. Unit 3. 2 Cordova Close Briardene 4051.

Our wholesale pharmacy is located at 95 McCord Road, Overport, 4067.

What are your business hours?

Monday to Friday 8:00-16:30.

For all after hours requests, please call or WhatsApp +27736861483.

Palin Products FAQs

Additional FAQs on our palin products range.

What is the purpose of having a 600, 400 & 200ml bottle?

OR/theatre: The choice is related to the expected amount of exudate to be drained. Ward: The choice is related to the mobility of the patient.

Can we replace a 600ml Palin bottle with a 200ml bottle?

After the initial period of drainage where low negative pressure was required, the wound will have

sufficiently “healed” (coagulation will have occurred). Hence the application of any of the Palin

sized bottles is possible as a replacement bottle.

What is the advantage of having a detailed calibration on the container?

Accurate measurement of exudates. No need to siphon off exudates into a measurement glass.

What is the meaning of the vacuum indicator?

Indicates the presence of negative pressure inside the container.

Why do we need a clear container?

For the easy examination of drained fluid for quality and quantity.

When do we remove the drain from the patient?

When, in the last twelve hours of drainage, amounts of drained fluid in less than 25ml.

How do we dispose of the container?

By closing the container, without adding a gelling-substance.

How can we prevent the container from getting filled with air, × coming out of the patient's wound, during the initial period of drainage?

This is frequently found during mastectomy surgical procedures. Therefore, the following is recommended:

  1. Taping off the wound to prevent leakage.
  2. Connecting the wall suction to the connection tube until the exudates is clearly noticeable, and then replace the wall suction with the container.
Is it possible to reactivate the container?

This is NOT recommended. Sterility can no longer be guaranteed, and the exact amount of negative pressure is no longer known.

How do we reactivate the container in the ward?

There is no need to reactivate the container as it provides constant suction.

Do we have to replace the container every shift, or every 12 hours?

No – the drain should only be replaced when the vacuum indicator is in its completely up status.

How do we empty the container?

There is no need to empty the container because it is a completely closed system.

Can a patient be sent home with the wound drainage system?

Yes, the container is self-contained closed system which ensures NO handling for the patient.