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Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation

Sterilization of medical devices is an essential process after its manufacture before human use. It can be defined as the reduction or removal of a bioburden by means of ethylene oxide liquid or gas where a bioburden is a population of viable micro-organisms on a product or package or both.

Medical sterilization has become extremely complex due to the need to prevent patients’ exposure to infections caused by bioburdens on instruments and medical devices used during their care.

Other technologies used in medical device sterilization include steam, ethylene oxide and gamma and electron beam radiation. EO has become the sterilization method of choice due to its effective bacterial, viricidal and sporicidal activity.

The only difficulty with the substance are the risks associated with handling the flammable gas. This form of sterilization has allowed the advanced of complex and sophisticated medical devices as it is the only method available for use on sensitive materials.

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