Our Strategy

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Step 1

We believe in treating our customers, suppliers and staff with the highest degree respect, integrity, faith and professionalism.

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Step 2

We believe that we must constantly strive to develop the full potential of every employee of the Dynamed team. The Dynamed team are the company’s greatest assets. The emphasis on training, motivation and an “open door policy” to management ensures that the ongoing goal of developing the team’s full potential stays highly prioritised.

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Step 3

A dedicated product research and innovation team is the personally supervised by the Director. This research and innovation team is responsible for Dynamed being able to consistently supply its customers a superior quality of product at the most competitive prices. In its quest to create the perfect business model, the Company has developed enduring personal relationships with all its suppliers.

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Step 4

Our mentorship program is inspiring. Previously disadvantaged employees have been beneficiaries of our mentorship program. This has resulted in 2 employees becoming a part of the management team.